A lot is happening in the United Kingdom - with a new mutation of COVID-19, along with the disruption of daily life brought upon by Brexit. Owing to Brexit rules, businesses are drowning. But British members of parliament are busy discussing India.

British colonialists left India 73 years ago, but their colonial hangover seems to be persisting.

India remains a source of endless fascination for English lawmakers. Last week, British parliamentarians were lobbying to repeal India's farm laws. On Monday this week, they were debating minority rights in India. On January 13, they were discussing the political situation in Kashmir.

Parliamentarians are not just discussing India's internal affairs, but are taking sides on the topic of debates, and this has been going on for days.

But what if the Indian parliament began discussing and debating what's happening in Britain? What if Indian MPs were to pass judgment on British policies?

The Windrush political scandal, which was unearthed in the UK revealed how 83 British citizens - mostly blacks were wrongly detained, denied legal rights, threatened and deported by the UK's home office. The country offered an apology to only 18.

In 2011, riots broke out in London after the police shooting of Mark Duggan, a young black British citizen.

Imagine the Indian Parliament debating the 2001 riots in Bradford, Harehills and Oldham, the 1991 riots in Oxford & Dudley, the 1981 riots in Liverpool & Birmingham, or the 1969 unrest in Northern Ireland over the discrimination against Catholic & Irish nationalists.

India did not discuss these in parliament because India respects boundaries. On the other hand, by whipping anti-India rhetoric in Britain, they seek votes.