Canada’s Poetic Justice Foundation is playing a very active role behind the global campaign against India’s farmers’ protest. Its website reveals the real narrative which is something far more sinister. 'The farmers' protest has become one of the most sustained labour movements the world has ever seen'. 'India has shown itself to be a ruthless Hindu Nationalist regime with Prime Minister Modi leading its transformation into a fascist state'. 'It's imperative that we continue to help sustain and amplify this movement'

New Delhi: Speaking on June 2, 1993, at a conference on Kashmir in Denmark, UK Labour Party MP Max Madden called for India’s “Self-Annihilation.”

Quoting Madden, former Executive Intelligence Review contributor Linda de Hoyos wrote: “I’ve always wondered why in a world where we’ve seen the British Empire disintegrate, the Russian empire disintegrate, why is it that alone of the great countries of the world let’s remember, by the end of this century, India will have the greatest population in the world – why it alone should be the Union of India and its present boundaries continue forever?”

Madden further said that there cannot be any immunity to India to the sort of pressures seen in the rest of the world.

“We all hear from Indians that they have the largest democracy in the world; many of us question that very fundamentally,” the Labour Party MP added.

Vested Interests Can't Be Allowed To Divide The Nation: PM Modi

With the arrival of Narendra Modi-led BJP government at the Centre, certain vested interests have left no stone unturned to malign India’s image globally.

From riots in Delhi during President Donald Trump’s visit to India last year, to the Republic Day violence in 2021, it was evident that these dates were carefully selected to trigger global outrage against the Modi government.

In his speeches and statements, PM Modi has repeatedly said that vested interests can't be allowed to divide the nation.

"India is developing at a rapid pace and things that were seen as impossible are becoming a reality due to which vested interests are trying to mislead the nation and cause unrest," the PM had said.

From anti-CAA protests to alleged COVID-19 mismanagement and now the farmers’ agitation, these vested interests have been working tirelessly to create a false impression of India under the Modi regime. Taking a cue from the Arab Spring, they want Indians to hit the streets and rebel against their own elected government.

'AskIndiaWhy' Mentions Anti-CAA Protests, Abrogation of Article 370 And More

Take the case of ongoing farmers protest.

On February 3, teen climate activist Greta Thunberg shared a Google doc tool kit titled ‘Global Farmers Strike - First Wave’. The document contained ideas and strategies to corner the government. From creating global tweetstorm to holding rallies at Indian Embassies, the document indicated that January 26 farmers’ tractor rally was planned in advance.

For reasons known only to her, the Swedish environmental activist deleted her tweet but it gave us a sneak-peak as to how well-oiled propaganda machinery works tirelessly to defame India by showing that the farmers’ protest is organic and has massive support from 1.3 billion Indians.

The document mentions that the campaign material and social media template for the farmers’ agitation has been created by Poetic Justice Foundation.
This little-known Canada-based organization describes itself as a challenger to “structures of oppression and discrimination through intersectional grassroots advocacy.”

It further says that it develops “content, workshops and events to provoke, challenge and disrupt systemic inequities and biases.”

'India Moving Towards A Fascist, Violently Oppressive Regime'

“Currently, we are most actively involved in the #FarmersProtest that has activated Indian diaspora worldwide as a rebuke to India’s oppressive policies towards farmers,” PJF mentions on its website.

PJF arrived on Instagram and Facebook in June 2020 and its Twitter account was created in February last year. 

The website 'AskIndiaWhy' built by PJF claims that India is rapidly moving towards a fascist, violently oppressive regime and shares 17 FAQ on the protests.

It terms 2020 Delhi riots as “2020 Delhi Pogroms”, Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 as “laws stripping Muslim Indians of their citizenry”, abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir as “brutal lockdown which has transformed Kashmir into an open-air prison”, “grossly mismanaged COVID-19 pandemic” and also talks about the “ongoing, caste-based sexual violence faced by Dalit communities.”

It also claims that there has been no violence during the protests and parrots the statement issued by pro-Khalistan and pro-Pakistan Canadian MP Jagmeet Singh saying “protestors have been cleaning the streets where they are protesting as well as feeding and educating impoverished street youth at protest sites.”

The controversial MP in his video message last week had said that protestors are providing free kitchen, free education, and other services to support those in need.

On the FAQ as to why is the Canadian government meddling in India’s internal issues it says that “human rights abuses are never a government or state’s internal issue.”

'Farmers' Protest One of The Most Sustained Labour Movements'

Talking about Sikh sovereignty the website says, “Sikhs are a sovereign people, and since the colonial occupation, have been resisting dispossession in their homeland.”

Not mincing any words it goes on to claim that Sikh dissent and political activism is violently repressed in India and accuses India of “eliminating democratic political space required to exercise the right to self-determination”.

Calling farm laws continued discrimination by the Indian government against Sikhs and Punjab since pre-Partition in 1947 the website says that Punjab is abundant with “state-induced poverty”.

It also shares Instagram feeds showing various international celebrities including pop star Rihanna, Great Thunberg, Meena Harris, Hollywood actor John Cusack expressing “concern” over farm laws.

Calling the farmers’ protest as “one of the most sustained labour movements the world has ever seen” it attacks the Indian government saying “India has shown itself to be a ruthless Hindu Nationalist regime with Prime Minister Modi leading its transformation into a fascist state.” 

Petition To The UN Against India

The website also started a petition campaign to the United Nations two weeks ago demanding the agency to ensure that India affirms freedom to dissent as a key pillar of democracy.

It also mentions enforced disappearances during the counterinsurgency in Punjab saying “India responded to the Sikh liberation struggle with a campaign of mass rapes, torture, and genocide.”

So far 1500 people have signed the petition.

Despite the Centre's offer to stay the farm laws, giving assurance on MSP and 7 amendments, the farmers' union stuck to their original demand of total repeal indicating that external forces are trying to derail talks.

The Indian government needs to investigate and unravel this sinister propaganda and must come up with a strategy to nip it in the bud.

Time to throw light on their real agenda.