The Infinity is funded by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and is a critical part of India's unmanned drone warfare program called CATS or the Combat Air Teaming System

India could soon have an indigenously built high altitude drone, capable of flying at a height of more than 65,000 feet continuously for 90 days.

The solar-powered flying saucer, called the Infinity, is funded by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and is a critical part of India’s unmanned drone warfare programme called CATS or the Combat Air Teaming System.

The news media quoted sources to suggest Infinity could be available to the Indian armed forces within three to five years.

The future war tactics require unmanned aerial vehicles that can fly as high as stratosphere and Infinity is good enough to reach those heights.

The high-flying drone comes laced with different types of sensors capable of hitting locations deep within enemy territory besides synchronizing different attacks.

The prominent benefits of Infinity are:

1. Capable of relaying live videos of attacks and monitoring ground locations. Such a technology was missing when the Indian Air Force attacked terror camps in Balakot (PoK) in 2019, which resulted in a lot of questions being asked on the success of the covert operation.

2. Besides supporting military operations, the drone can greatly contribute towards disaster management and better utilization of natural resources.

3. Infinity can prove to be of immense use in disaster relief work as well.

4. The solar-powered drone is also capable of enhancing 4G and 5G internet services with its low cost and high efficiency.