Nepal's Health Ministry on Thursday dismissed media reports that some Indian businessmen have received Chinese vaccines against the coronavirus in Kathmandu to be eligible for travelling to China.

Some media reports claimed that dozens of Indian businessmen flew from New Delhi to Kathmandu just to get the Chinese vaccine after Beijing made it mandatory for those wishing to visit China for business or study purposes to get vaccinated with the Chinese vaccines.

China has donated 800,000 doses of vaccines to Nepal.

There is no possibility of Indian businessmen getting the Chinese vaccines in Nepal as those wishing to get vaccinated must produce their identity before receiving the jab, said Ganesh Shrivastav, information officer at the Ministry of Health and Population.

"We have been regularly maintaining the record of those receiving vaccines against COVID-19, so there is no possibility of someone getting vaccinated without disclosing their identity," he told PTI.

Srivastav said that he has clarified the issue to Indian authorities.