Lavrov further suggested during his Islamabad trip that Russia is ready to assist in every possible way to address disputes in South Asia

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in a message to Islamabad and the Pakistan Army following his New Delhi trip has advised that disagreements between South Asian states should be resolved in a "peaceful and civilized manner based on international law".

Lavrov further suggested during his Islamabad trip that Russia is ready to assist in every possible way to address disputes in South Asia. The comments were made close on the heels of ceasefire arrangement between India and Pakistan along the Line of Control (LOC) and reference to civilised manner and international law were intended to deplore use of terror as a foreign policy tool that is often used by Pakistan against India.

Earlier On Tuesday during his meeting with Foreign Minister S Jaishankar here, Lavrov had reiterated Moscow's support for India's position on Kashmir and all Pak related issues and made it clear that Russia has no plans to either join China-Pakistan-Economic Corridor or make major defence sales to Islamabad.

Lavrov is a on brief visit to Islamabad following his India trip that also witnessed a meeting between him and US special envoy on climate John Kerry. The Jaishankar-Lavrov meet marked by exceptional warmth was comprehensive encompassing bilateral and global partnership.

Answering a query by Pakistan media on New Delhi’s participation in Quad, Lavrov said that India, as a responsible global power, determines its foreign policy priorities by itself.

Moscow does not support the creation of divisive geopolitical structures in the spirit of the Cold War. Conditions create a demand for multilateral associations, initiatives and concepts, based on the principles of inclusiveness, collegiality and equality, Lavrov said, adding, "It is this philosophy that underlies the activities of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, of which Moscow, Islamabad and New Delhi are members.”

“A unifying agenda is being promoted by the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin to develop Greater Eurasian Partnership. Participation in it is open to all states of the continent, including the members of the EAEU, SCO, ASEAN, as well as, in case there is such interest, the European Union."

Ahead of his meeting with his Pakistan counterpart Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Lavrov told Pakistan’s News International that Moscow is ready to render all possible assistance to conflict settlement in any region, including South Asia.

On the intra-Afghan dialogue perspectives, Lavrov told New International that it is hoped that the meeting of the extended "Troika" of March 18, 2021 would give a necessary impetus to those negotiations.

"We consider it important that both sides speak in favour of intensifying the intra-Afghan negotiation process," the minister said. The Russian Supreme Court designated the Taliban movement as a terrorist organization on February 14, 2003. Its activities in Russia are prohibited.

Afghanistan dominated the agenda of Lavrov-Qureshi meet. Qureshi following the talks with Lavrov, claimed counter-terrorism and energy cooperation also figured during the talks. However, it may be noted here that a proposed energy pipeline from Russia to Pakistan has been stuck for several years.