Shiv Sena's J&K unit had raised a similar demand in 2013. Centre is surprisingly inclined towards the Kashmir valley, said the Shiv Sena leader. Jammu will no longer pay for misdemeanour of Kashmir-based politicians: Manish Sahni

Shiv Sena's J&K unit held a protest on Friday demanding the creation of a separate state or Union Territory (UT) for the people of Jammu. Doing so would put an end to discrimination Jammu has been subjected to since 1947, claimed the demonstrators.

Manish Sahni, Shiv Sena's J&K unit chief, urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to announce the creation of a separate legislative assembly for Jammu. The people of Jammu should get statutory rights, said Sahni.

The Shiv Sena's Jammu and Kashmir unit had raised a similar demand in July of 2013.

Addressing a gathering outside the Jammu Press Club on Friday, Manish Sahni said, "Jammu will no longer pay the price of the misdemeanour of the Kashmir-based political class which has discriminated against Jammu on all levels. We [people of Jammu] have been a part of Kashmir on the map only for the last seven decades."

The Shiv Sena leader went on to allege that statehood was taken away from J&K owing to the complacency of Kashmir-based politicians.

Accusing Kashmir-based politicians of being "opportunists", Manish Sahni said they are demanding the restoration of Article 370 on the one hand and hobnobbing with China and Pakistan on the other.

"It is difficult to live with people who oppose the implementation of the Indian constitution and the tricolour," said Sahni.

President of the Shiv Sena's J&K unit, Manish Sahni even went to the extent of saying that Kashmir is "unsafe for Hindus".

It has been more than three decades since terror activities led to the exodus of Kashmiri pandits but no measures have been taken to ensure their return, said Manish Sahni.

"The central government is surprisingly inclined towards the Kashmir valley and Jammu has to face prejudice and startling discrimination in all matters, including political preference," said the Shiv Sena leader.

Sahni said that Jammu is not even benefitting from the various relief packages announced by the Centre for J&K.

"The report of the Delimitation Commission on the basis of the 2011 census is also not going to give anything to Jammu except disappointment. The time has come to raise the voice of the people of Jammu to secure our future, identity and culture" said Manish Sahni of the Shiv Sena.