National Security Advisor of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Hamdullah Mohib

Kabul: The Taliban has been prolonging the "unannounced proxy war" of Pakistan in Afghanistan, according to Afghan National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib.

Mohib, who is President Ashraf Ghani's security advisor also said that the Taliban leader, Hibatullah Akhundzada has not held any meeting with the group's officials.

"It has been 12 months, there is no news of him (Haibatullah)," Mohib said.

"The Taliban also has not known about Mullah Haibatullah for 12 months. We should first know that is there Haibtullah or not? The Taliban should answer it that where is him, no one has seen him, the intelligence information confirms it," reported Afghanistan Times.

His remarks come amid reports that Pakistan had severed ties with the Afghan national security adviser over his recent remarks against Islamabad.

Early this month, in a public speech in Nangarhar province, Afghanistan National Security Chief, Hamdullah Mohib called Pakistan a "brothel house", reported The Khaama Press News Agency.

His remarks sparked outrage among leaders in Islamabad, who denounced them, saying they "debased all norms of interstate communication."

Moib has routinely accused Pakistan and its spy agency of supporting and directing the Taliban's in Afghanistan, charges Islamabad rejects, reported Voice of America.

There is intense fighting ragging on between the security forces and Taliban across Afghanistan.

Head of National Directorate of Security, Ahmad Zia Saraj called last week the deadliest for the Taliban, saying that over 1,000 militants were killed and wounded.

The high number of casualties has put pressure on the Taliban leadership, according to Saraj. However, Taliban's spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid termed the Afghan officials' remarks as "false propagandas".

"We call these remarks baseless and propagandas and undoubtedly inaccurate," Mujahid said as reported by Afghanistan Times.