The Afghanistan government official said that the goal was for a peaceful handing over of the government to the Taliban

A few days ago, the Taliban started taking over several cities of Afghanistan as the American troops made their way back to the US. While some cities were taken over after intense attacks by the insurgents, some cities such as Jalalabad woke up to white flags all around the area.

During the late evening hours of Sunday, Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani left the country and Taliban insurgents entered the capital city Kabul and took control of the city. However, the Taliban claimed they have taken control to make sure there is no looting and chaos as the Afghan security forces left parts of Kabul city and their checkpoints.

Meanwhile, helicopters were spotted rescuing US Embassy employees from Afghanistan's capital, while many employees spent the morning burning all important documents. American officials were rushed to the Kabul Airport, which is now believed to have taken fire.