The Defence Research and Development Organisation or DRDO have just readied suits that are more fire-resistant. A special Fire Entry suit can allow someone to go inside a burning building, or for that matter, an aircraft or helicopter.

Light weight fire approach suit and fire proximity suit are multi-layered suits used for fire-fighting & rescue operations. Light weight fire approach suit consists of three layers made up of high performance blended fibres:

• Outermost layer : Blended woven fabric(Indian Patent no-279558)
• Moisture barrier : Coated blended fabric
• Innermost layer : Fire Retardant cotton fabric

The weight of complete fire approach and proximity suits is approx. 6.4 kg and 7.2 kg respectively. Both the suits have five components viz; Jacket with sleeves for protection of the torso portion including the arm but excluding the hands, Trousers for protection of legs excluding the feet, a pair of Gloves, a pair of Boots, Hood incorporating helmet and visor.

Salient Features:

• 30% lighter in totality over the existing aluminised suit.

• Light weight fire approach suit withstands for 10 minutes against the exposure of fire source of 50 litres aviation turbine fuel at 5 meter distance during live fire test trial while fire proximity suit withstands for 260 seconds at 3 meter distance during the same live fire test trial.
• Excellent manoeuvrability and freedom of movement to the fireman.

• Meets the performance requirements of NFPA 1971 and JSQR 8415-007 except breathability in moisture barrier fabric.

Possible Application Areas:

These suits can be used in firefighting applications in Army, Air force & Navy, civil fire services, oil rig platforms & oil depot, ONGC, steel, plastic & chemical industries etc.