SRINAGAR: The year-old ceasefire along the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir is holding and the Indian Army would like it to continue for the benefit of the common people on both sides of the divide but was remaining vigilant as the "'enemy is very very devious”, a top army commander said here on Tuesday.

General Officer Commanding (GoC) of the Army's 15 Corps or the Chinar Corps, Lt Gen D P Pandey said while Pakistan is holding onto the “compulsions” for which it went for the reiteration of the ceasefire agreement in February last year, "we have to see" what its "aim and intent is in the times to come”.

The top officer urged the youths in Kashmir to shun the path of violence and said the focus should be on dealing with elements in the country who are instigating them. He also cautioned against the people who are enjoying a good life abroad but are radicalising the youths in the country and spoiling their future.

He was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a function here.

“We are dealing with an enemy which looks after itself first. So, there were compulsions for which they went for this thing (ceasefire). They are holding on to those compulsions. I look at it for the people of Kashmir on our side and the other side, both have benefited,” Lt Gen Pandey said.

He said the Army “will like the ceasefire to continue” only for the benefit of the people of Kashmir so that there is free movement for trade, farming, business and schooling.

“So that they (people of Kashmir on both sides) can live a life of a common citizen while the peace remains. That is the major benefit which has gone to them,” he said.

The GoC said while the ceasefire was holding, the Army was very carefully on the watch “because the enemy is very very devious”.

“So, in that, he will keep on instigating the elements, terrorists to come across. So, while as of now, the ceasefire is holding, we need to be vigilant all the time and see what his aim and intent is in the times to come,” he added.

Describing the situation on the eve of the Republic Day celebrations as “absolutely fine”, the Army official said there is a surge in the demand for the national flag across Kashmir by the people.

“This is a great indicator of the mood of the people of Kashmir. This is a positive thing happening... I think there are great times ahead.

"The only thing is that the people should be vigilant against the nexus which is trying to corrupt their minds, and not listen to them in whichever form they try to instigate any such activity which is anti-national and anti-people of Kashmir,” he said.

Lt Gen Pandey asked the youths who have picked up weapons to shun the wrong path.

“The time has changed, the path has changed, people have become wiser, and return to the meaningful life. Your age is not right to understand why you picked up the gun.

"When you reach the age of 24-25 years, you will understand that this path is wrong, so return to your life, otherwise, there is a rule of law in our country and whoever is authorised to carry a gun, will carry it, and if someone, who is not authorised carries a gun, he will either be apprehended or you know what will happen to him,” he said.

Referring to the continuous instigation from across the LoC, the GoC Chinar Corps said that far more dangerous was how vested elements in India were "benefiting from this".

“Those people have got everything, but are instigating our youth... Our enemy cannot take our advantage till something wrong is happening in our own homes. So, we have to focus on that.

“Plus, our youth have to see that our diaspora, in foreign countries, using their laptops, mobile phones are running a system of radicalisation.

"The youth have to see to it that they are taking money from the people, living in good places and instigating the people here. The youth have to save themselves from such people,” he said.