Washington: India and US, during the 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue, reaffirmed their commitment to promote regional stability, rule of law and peaceful resolution of disputes, said Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday.

Addressing a press conference after India-US 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue, he said, "We are standing together for our shared commitment to upholding a free and rules-based international order that safeguards sovereignty and territorial integrity and independence."

Blinken informed that India and US are working closely to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. "Scientists and institutions across our countries are developing and producing safe and effective Covid-19 vaccines together.

"We are working through our Quad vaccine partnership with our colleagues in Australia and Japan to make our vaccines available in Indo Pacific. As of today, Quad partners have collectively provided more than 500 million vaccines doses. We are rapidly increasing production to make more at the biological facilities in India," he added.

"We also discussed our goals of driving the inclusive economic growth of our country and across the region. India and the US already trade to the tune of USD 150 billion each year but we are deepening that relationship by re-restarting the India-US commercial dialogue and India-US CEO forum later this year, where we private sector partners can offer recommendations to strengthen even our more trade and investment relationship," he said.

The Secretary of State said that Russia's war against Ukraine is an "attack on Ukraine's people, attack on rules-based order we both adhere to and defend".

"The US will continue to increase support to government and people of Ukraine and call on other nations to do the same, just as we call on to condemn Moscow's brutal actions," he said.

In his earlier remarks, Blinken had called the fourth India-US 2+2 dialogue a "momentous moment" in global affairs.

He said that these meetings played a key role in strengthening bilateral ties and today's discussions will build upon previous productive meetings that both countries have had.

Delivering his opening remarks at the fourth India-US 2+2 ministerial dialogue, he said, "We will discuss pressing issues, shared global challenges - including Russia's war against Ukraine, ending the COVID-19 pandemic, climate crisis, upholding a free, open democratic, secure and prosperous Indo-Pacific Region."

Blinken said these 2+2 meetings have already played a key role in strengthening the bilateral relationship. "Today's discussions will build upon previous productive meetings that we've had. It's a momentous moment in global affairs," he said.

He said US-India will also talk about improving our counter-terrorism cooperation and strengthening the bonds in our higher education institutions.