The Indian Navy on Monday announced that it had recently carried out weapon engagement and missile firing drills on the Western Seaboard

The Navy said that the multiple Ordnance on Target Missions included the participation of 15 warships and submarines and a large number of maritime patrol aircraft, integral helicopters, fighter aircraft and Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA).

The ships at sea were under the tactical command of Flag Officer Commanding Western Fleet. The missile firings undertaken in mid-April were focused on validating the combat worthiness of various weapon systems deployed on the frontline units.

These include the Indian Navy’s Veer Class, Talwar Class and Brahmaputra Class warships carrying out anti-air engagements against high-speed sea-skimming air targets in tactical scenarios.

In another long range engagement, the Brahmaputra class ship sank the target -a decommissioned naval warship- with precision in a sea skimming profile. An underwater launched missile successfully hit its target at maximum range, proving the lethality and versatility of the Indian submarines.

The weapon engagement drills were witnessed by the Chief of the Naval Staff, who was embarked onboard the Flag Ship, along with Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief Western Naval Command.