Members of Kashmiri Pandit United Front raise slogans during a protest on the occasion of World Refugee Day, in Jammu.

The Kashmiri Pandit United Front (KPUF) urged the United Nations (UN) on Monday to declare Pakistan as a "terrorist country" alleging that the neighbouring country continued to sponsor terrorism in Kashmir Valley. On the occasion of World Refugee Day on Monday, the organisation staged a demonstration here and raised anti-Pakistan slogans.

Satesh Kissu of the KPUF said, "We demand that the United Nations declare Pakistan as a terrorist country as it continues to sponsor terrorism in the valley."

Unless Pakistan is declared as a terrorist country, terrorism cannot be stopped in Jammu and Kashmir, he added.

The Panun Kashmir also organised an event here on World Refugee Day.

Panun Kashmir chairman Ajay Chrungoo criticised the government over the recent killing of Kashmir Pandit community members in Kashmir Valley.