Astra Rafael Comsys Private Limited, a joint venture company between India's Astra Microwave Products Limited and Israel's Raphael Advanced Defence Systems, will take up development, manufacture, integration, customisation and product support of Electro Optic (EO) systems in India in addition to its existing business line, the company said on Wednesday (17 August).

"This new product line (EO) will enable JVC to compete in the upcoming EO systems business of about $600 million in India in the next 5 to 8 years," the company said in a regulatory filing.

Airborne EO systems for Laser Designation and Recce applications being used on fighter aircrafts are hitherto being procured via global tenders, can now be manufactured, upgraded and serviced in India by the Astra Rafael JV partnership as part of the Atmanirbhar initiative, it said.

The EO systems are technologically complex high value Optical and Infrared Imaging systems used globally for military and homeland security applications to provide enhanced situational awareness on ground, airborne and sea based platforms.

These sensors are used to identify targets, track moving targets, and provide surveillance, navigation and early warning information to the armed forces in challenging battle field environments.

The EO systems are also used on board UAVs, unmanned platforms and guided munitions to provide wide range of capabilities including range finding, target acquisition, imaging and surveillance, the company said.