New Delhi: The outgoing Chinese Ambassador to India, Sun Weidong in his farewell remarks urged to make full use of the communication channels established between India and China to avoid misunderstanding and miscalculation.

"We should enhance communication and cooperation. China and India have established dialogue mechanisms at various levels and departments. We should make full use of all the communication channels, and deepen mutual understanding in order to avoid misunderstanding and miscalculation," said Sun.

He further stated to seek common ground while reserving differences and properly handling the differences.

"China and India are important neighbours to each other. It is only natural for China and India to have some differences. The key is how to handle the differences. We should be aware that the common interests of the two countries are greater than the differences. Meanwhile, the two sides should strive to manage and resolve differences, and look for a proper solution through dialogue and consultation, instead of defining China-India relations by differences," added the outgoing Chinese envoy.

China and India have established dialogue mechanisms at various levels and departments. The Chinese side optimized the visa application process for Indian citizens to travel to China and resumed processing visa applications for students pursuing long-term study, and people conducting business, work and family visits. Up to now, more than 1,800 visas have been issued to Indian students.

"If the Western theory of geopolitics is applied to the China-India relationship, then major neighbouring countries like us will inevitably view each other as threats and rivals. Consequently, competition and confrontation will be the main mode of interaction, and a zero-sum game will be the inevitable result. But the reality is that geographical proximity is an objective existence. It should be an opportunity for us to have more interaction and cooperation, tap our potential and learn from and complement each other," said Sun.

Over the past more than 70 years since the establishment of our diplomatic ties, the China-India relationship has overall maintained a momentum of development, with high-level exchanges.

President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached a host of important consensus, including "China and India as opportunities of development and cooperation partners."

Speaking about his experience in India, he said, "The past three years and three months have been an unforgettable period in my life. On the occasion of my departure, I would like to express my most heartfelt appreciation to all my friends for your care for China's development and support to the cause of China-India friendship, and to friends for your support and assistance to me in the performance of my duties."