Make portfolio of small arms for Indian defence forces and exports in the country

Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Ltd (MEIL) group company ICOMM and small arms maker Caracal, which is a part of Edge Group of UAE, have signed a partnership agreement to develop a portfolio of small arms for the Indian defence forces and export.

“The complete line of small arms will be produced in ICOMM's design, development and manufacturing centre in Hyderabad,” Chief Sumanth P said in a release on the agreement signed at the ongoing DEFEXPO 2022 in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

ICOMM is into manufacture of missile and sub-systems, communications and EW system, radars, electro-optics, composites, loitering munitions, shelters, drone and counter drone system. “Our entry into the small arms is a proud moment for us. The MoU with Caracal is a step towards making the defence sector in India self-sufficient and self-reliant in light of the geopolitical shifts taking place globally,” he said. The partnership agreement follows an MoU/agreement with Caracal.

“Building partnerships and seeking opportunities for collaboration in the Indian market is one of the company’s key objectives. We look forward to exploring these opportunities further with ICOMM, whose experience as an industry leader providing turnkey solutions across multiple sectors complements Caracal’s portfolio of advanced small arms,” Caracal CEO Hamad Alameri said.