Al-Qaeda in Indian subcontinent (AQIS) has admitted to the successes of Indian government in Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370 and lamented the failure of Pakistan with regard to militancy in the Valley.

The AQIS official magazine noted that India has been succeeding in making Kashmir its integral part and blamed Pakistan's lack of response, action and timid reaction for the same.

Open Admission

Al-Qaeda, one of the world's dreaded terrorist organizations, believes that Kashmir is now an integral part of India. Al-Qaeda has admitted that the Government of India has succeeded in Kashmir after the withdrawal of Article 370. Al-Qaeda has given this statement out of its anger on the Pakistani army. Calling the Pakistani army a coward, Al-Qaeda said that because of that, agitation in Kashmir is decreasing. At the same time he also said that India is now succeeding in Kashmir.

Al-Qaeda Says Pak Army Timid

According to its official magazine Al-Qaeda has fiercely whipped Pakistan for this. The terrorist organization says that the Pak Army is timid and is unable to send terrorists to Kashmir. Actually, Narendra Modi government has focused on acceleration of development in Kashmir. AQIS want Pakistan to increase terrorism in the valley through Afghanistan. But Indian security forces are constantly wiping out terrorists from Kashmir. Fed up with "Nakami", now Al-Qaeda has taken a stand on Pakistan.

Army Is Wiping Out Terrorists In Kashmir

The magazine said that the Pakistani army is wiping out the Fidayeen squads that were prepared for Kashmir. Al-Qaeda, the dreaded terrorist organization, has made fun of the Pakistani army for the resounding defeat in the Kargil war. Al-Qaeda called on Muslims to unite.

Al-Qaeda has described Ansar Gajawat-ul-Hind as the only true terrorist organization in Kashmir. Significantly, every nefarious intention of Al-Qaeda and its associated terrorist organizations is being thwarted by the security forces in Kashmir. Over the years, the army has eliminated countless Pakistani and local terrorists.