The Indian Air Force (IAF) has expanded its vehicle fleet with the addition of 12 Tata Nexon EVs. The IAF intends to gradually increase the use of EVs in its operations, thus keeping up with the government’s initiative to promote green mobility.

This batch of Nexon EVs was recently sent for analysis and monitoring of their sustainability and performance. However, it is currently unknown which variant of the Tata Nexon EV has been incorporated.

Tata's partnership with the Indian Armed Forces is strengthened by the addition of the Nexon EV to their fleet. The automaker also provides the defence industry with specially designed armoured vehicles. Another step in establishing the foundation for an EV ecosystem is the installation of charging infrastructure at various IAF bases.

Additionally, in a press release, the Ministry of Defence said, “Indian Air Force is planning to enhance the usage of electric vehicles in a progressive manner by procuring e-vehicles against downgraded conventional vehicles. Augmentation of the e-vehicles ecosystem, including installation of charging infrastructure at various Air Force bases, is also planned.'