ISRO's successfully launched its PSLV-C54 rocket with EOS-06 (Earth Observation Satellite) and Eight Nano-satellites into two different Sun-Synchronous Polar Orbits (SSPOs). The Primary satellite (EOS-06) was successfully separated in Orbit-1 into a precise orbit. Subsequently orbit change was accomplished by using two Orbit Change Thrusters (OCTs) introduced in the Propulsion Bay Ring of the PSLV-C54 Vehicle. The Passenger Payloads (PPLs) under Orbit-2 operations of the remaining 8 satellites was successfully completed reported ISRO.

Graphical real-time image of EOS-6 separating from PSLV-C54 fourth stage

This is the 56th flight of Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) and 24th Flight of PSLV-XL version with 6 PSOM-XLs. PSLV-C54 was launched from First Launch Pad (FLP), SDSC, SHAR.


Vehicle Height 44.4 m
Lift off Mass 321 t
Propulsion Stages
First Stage 6PSOM-XL+S139
Second Stage PL40
Third Stage HPS3
Fourth Stage L2.5 (A1)


Parameter Orbit-1 (EOS-06) Orbit-2 (Passenger Payloads)
Semi-Major Axis (km) 7116.073 6889.339
Altitude (km) (wrt equatorial RE of 6378.137 km) 737.936 511.202
Inclination (deg) 98.341 97.450
Launch Pad FLP
Launch Azimuth (deg) 140