London: The United Kingdom Universities' alignment with Confucius Institutions exposed China's 'External Propaganda Schemes' to sway the opinions on Chinese policies and politics abroad, Kaliph Anaz writes in Asian Lite International.

The Confucius Institutions, which the UK termed the "largest threat to the world's security and prosperity this century," were administered by the Hanban, an abbreviation of the Office of the Leading Small Group (LSG) for the International Promotion of the Chinese Language.

After a few years of the establishment of the Confucius Institute Headquarters Council, it gradually integrated with the Chinese Communist Party propaganda system.

CCP's desire to use Confucius Institutions to infiltrate the study of China in the UK; has come up with strategies to launch a research-focused "Confucius China Studies Program" also referred to as the "New Confucius Sinology Plan," which allows systematic cooperation between the CIs and host institutions on the projects of doctoral students, youth leadership, study trips for scholars to "understand China", international conferences and assistance for publishing research, reported Asian Lite International.

There are about 30 Confucius Institutions within British universities and 150 schools that have been funded to the tune of perhaps Euro 46,000,000 by the Chinese government. Their influence extends well into British politics, academia, and business.

The Hanban agreement clearly states that Confucius Institutions must abide by the "One China" principle. Hanban has distributed books titled "The Economy of Tibet," "Invest in China," "The Road to China's Prosperity; "The Communist Party of China", and "Contemporary China" as per the agreement between UK's Confucius Institutions to sway the public perception about China; this act is external propaganda through academia, according to Asian Lite International.

The British universities must also facilitate a special bank account with the Bank of China under the CI's name; and set annual funding to CIs that at least equals Hanban's contribution, i.e., nearly USD 150,000 'start-up' fund.

The Department for Education, UK has already tightened its position on Confucius Institutes stating that the Government was "committed to doing more to adapt to China's growing impact" and encouraged people with concerns about any Confucius Institute activities to report them.

Officially, Confucius Institutes promote the Chinese language and run classes in culture, from calligraphy and cooking to tai chi. They also sponsor educational exchanges and hold public events and lectures. These institutes are open to the general public, reported Asian Lite International.