This expressway will also cut short the travel time between Gurgaon & Dausa to 2.5 from over 5 hours

The Delhi-Vadodara-Mumbai Expressway will cut short the travel time between Delhi and Mumbai to 12 hours. Apart from making the transit smooth and fast, this highway will also help the nation at the time of war. This will prove to be a major cornerstone in the country's strategic security. According to reports, on the over 1350-km-long expressway, at least 55 places will be built in such a way that fighter jets can land and take-off. This will be used at a time of emergency.

All these stretches are being built between Sohna's Alipur and Mumbai. Between Alipur and Dausa, there are 10 stretches on the 296-km-long expressway where fighters and other aircraft can land and take off. This stretch of land is ready for use. It may be inaugurated in the first week of January next year.

This expressway can be used in a time of war with Pakistan and China.

This expressway will also cut short the travel time between Gurgaon and Dausa to 2.5 hours from over 5 hours. The travel time between Delhi and Jaipur will also be cut short by half.

The maximum speed limit of this expressway will be 120 km per hour.

NHAI has completed the preparation for the inauguration of the Dausa-Gurgaon stretch. Local MP Rao Indrajit Singh has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to inaugurate the stretch. However, the PMO hasn't confirmed his presence.

In 1971, Pakistan's fighter jets had reached near Agra. However, IAF's fighters had chased them away. Since then, a need was felt that the country must have emergency roads where the armed forces can operate fighter jets in Agra, Gwalior, Gurugram and Delhi. Though IAS has strategically located bases, in case they come under attack, these expressways will be used to fight the enemy.

Why is the Delhi-Vadodara-Mumbai Expressway suitable for this task? The runway of a fighter plane should be absolutely flat and straight. It should have a length of 3 kilometers and a width of 20 metres. Also, portable lighting systems should be able to work in such places. The expressway is being built in such a manner that we have several such stretches along the length of the road. This will help the armed forces on both western and eastern front.