TEZPUR: The Indian Air Force (IAF) is closely monitoring Chinese drone activities along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Northeast.

According to reports, there have been several instances, where the Chinese drones tried to enter the Indian territory in the Northeast.

“The IAF keeps a close watch on the flying activities in the Northeast with its bolstered radar network in the region,” defence sources told ANI.

The sources further stated: “Generally, the situation is peaceful but there have been occasions in the recent past when Chinese drones have flown towards the LAC from their side and IAF fighter jets had to be scrambled from our frontline airbases there including the Su-30MKIs.”

The actions have to be taken as the drones or any aircraft cannot be allowed to violate airspace, they said.

Notably, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has a strong presence in the Northeast with of Su30 fighter jets squadrons.

The Su30 squadrons are deployed at Tezpur and Chhabra air force stations in Assam.

Moreover, the Rafale fighter jets have also been deployed very close to Hashimara in West Bengal.