New Delhi: Japanese Foreign Affairs Minister Hayashi Yoshimasa is looking forward to visiting India next year during the Quad Foreign Ministers' Meeting in early 2023, said Hiroshi Suzuki, Ambassador of Japan to India.

"India is going to be the Host for the Quad (Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) Foreign Ministers meeting and my Foreign Minister Hayashi is looking forward to visiting India on this occasion. Quad as you know has been getting firmly on the ground. We had the first summit last year in Washington D.C and then this year in Tokyo and I am glad that next year India is going to host the Foreign Minister's Meeting. So, this is a very important framework and I am glad that India and Japan are working very closely together on this," said the Japanese envoy.

The last Quad Foreign Ministers' meet was held in New York City on the sidelines of the 77th United Nations General Assembly to deepen Quad multilateral cooperation in support of advancing a free and open Indo-Pacific. The establishment of the Quad was proposed by then-Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and the first meeting by Quad officials took place in May 2007.

Talking about the Japan-India ties and about Japan's new National Defence Strategy to promote training and exercises as well as defence equipment and technology cooperation with India, the Japanese Ambassador said that the two countries enjoy a special strategic partnership and we will try to expand our cooperation in all fields, security being an important area.

"India and Japan enjoy a special global strategic partnership and we try to expand our cooperation in all fields. Of course security is a very important area so I am glad that the cooperation is advancing in the area of security. India this month has taken over the Presidency of G20 and come January, Japan will take over the presidency of G7. So, the close cooperation between India and Japan under the Presidencies of G20 and G7 is more important than ever. So, I look forward to working closely with my Indian friends to promote close cooperation going forward," he said.

On Friday, Japan's new national security plan was unveiled signalling the country's biggest military buildup since World War II.

"As a nation in the Indo-Pacific region, Japan will further promote efforts to realize a FOIP (free and open Indo-Pacific) by deepening cooperation with like-minded countries through the Japan-US Alliance as a cornerstone and through efforts such as the Japan-US-Australia-India (QUAD) partnership," reads the plan.

Japanese Ambassador participated in an event today that commemorated 70 years of the diplomatic relationship between India and Japan. As a part of the celebratory events, the Horse-riding Performance of Japanese Yabusame and Indian Tent Pegging took place at Army Polo and Riding Club (APRC) Ground in Delhi.

Yabusame is one of Japan's traditional martial art featuring an archer firing at targets from a galloping horse. It was created approximately 800 years ago in the feudal Japan as a school of archery, mounted archery, and Reiho (etiquette) that was taught to Shoguns (feudal lords) and other Samurais across the country in each generation, forming one of the most unique and dynamic aspects of Japan's traditional culture while Tent pegging is a cavalry sport of ancient origin widely played in India. The show is a fusion of equestrian events originating from India and Japan.