Gilgit Baltistan: Awami Action Committee Gilgit Baltistan (AACGB), amid the ongoing public protest against the 'incompetent and failed PTI government', took out a massive protest rally against the imposition of additional taxes, cancellation of subsidies, load shedding and acute wheat flour crisis in Gilgit Baltistan (GB) from Jotial bus stand to Ghari Bagh, on December 11.

Thousands of people, along with leaders and activists of the Awami Action Committee, Anjuman-e-Tajiran, transporters associations, Gilgit-Pakhtun Welfare Organisation, Karakoram National Movement, Balawaristan National Front, Hotel Association, Shopping Malls Association and various political Islamist parties and organisations participated in the rally, which also comprised of 100s of vehicles.

AACGB chairman Fida Hussain, former chairman Maulana Sultan Raees and other leaders led the rally. Addressing the rally which culminated in a public meeting at Ghari Bagh, Fida Hussain said the incompetent rulers of GB have rendered the life of the people miserable. The wheat flour is unavailable while 20 hours of load-shedding is adding to their woes.

There is no government in this unfortunate region, he alleged, adding that forests of GB have been handed over to the FC, telecommunication to SCO, Sost Port to NLC and roads to FWO, while the people have been left at the mercy of Allah.

He announced that the AAC would further intensify the protest movement and it will continue till the problems of the people are resolved.

Former chairman, AAC Sultan Raees, announced that all stakeholders and people of GB, including businessmen and transporters participating in the rally, have rejected the anti-people actions of the GB government, which wishes to make the people beggars by plundering their natural resources.

On the one hand, people's lives have been made difficult by imposing extra taxes and increasing the price of electricity, while on the other hand, conspiracies are being hatched to usurp the resources and land of the people, he said.

Declaring that the people of GB had lost their patience, Raees added that GB rulers while pushing the people into darkness are enjoying a luxurious life in Islamabad. These rulers feel proud of being security guards of Banigala, Raiwind and Larkana. He alleged that GB rulers and land mafias are distributing GB lands among themselves through ACs and DCs.

He also accused the GB govt of forming a fake Awami Action Committee to divide the GB people.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan interior ministry has issued a threat for possible terrorist attacks across Pakistan, including GB, in the coming days.

In the alert, all provincial, as well as GB and PoK governments, have been directed to take stringent security measures.

GB home department has put over 1,000 security personnel from GB Scouts, FC and police on a high alert for the security of Chinese engineers and labourers working at the Diamer-Bhasha dam and Dasu dam.

Presently, Chinese engineers and labourers are working around the clock at both dams. The security personnel deployed for their protection have been ordered to ensure their security at all costs and maintain strict surveillance on the movement of suspicious persons.

No one should be allowed to travel without I-cards, the security escorts have been instructed.