New Delhi: Amid the political storm over Digvijaya Singh's remarks on surgical strikes, Congress on Monday distanced itself from the party leader's statement stating that it supports "all military actions" in "national interest".

Jairam Ramesh issued a clarification after the reactions poured in from the Bharatiya Janata Party and defence experts who slammed Singh for stating that there is "no proof of the surgical strike that took place against Pakistan." Taking to Twitter, Ramesh claimed that the surgical strikes were carried out by the UPA government as well.

"The views expressed by senior leader Digvijaya Singh are his own and do not reflect the position of Congress. Surgical strikes were carried out before 2014 by the UPA government. Congress has supported and will continue to support all military actions that are in the national interest," Ramesh tweeted.

This comes after Digvijaya Singh said that there is no proof of the surgical strike against Pakistan, while the Centre claims to have carried out the attack. "They (Centre) talk about surgical strikes and that they have killed so many of them but there is no proof," said Digvijaya Singh in his address in Jammu today.

Earlier today, the Bharatiya Janata Party alleged that the opposition party has been "blinded" by its "hate" for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and has "insulted" the armed forces while adding that such statements are made at the behest of the top leadership of Congress.

BJP national spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia said that it has become a "character" of the Congress party to make "irresponsible remarks". "Congress leaders are doing Bharat todo on the instructions of Rahul Gandhi. Digvijaya Singh has become a symbol of giving venomous remarks. Trust in the Army is unbreakable and above politics. If the Army said that there was a surgical strike, then also you ask for proof repeatedly. This shows that you do not have faith in our Army," Bhatia said.

"It has become a character of Congress to give irresponsible statements. But if they speak against the Indian Army, it won't be tolerated. It seems that Rahul Gandhi and Digvijaya Singh have been blinded by their hatred towards Narendra Modi. They do not even realise their responsibilities," he added.Defence expert Praful Bakshi reacted to the Congress leader's remark and said that the Indian Army is not bound to give proof about the Surgical strikes it conducted in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir, adding that the government knows that sharing the details of the attack is "against the policy of the army".

The expert said that if Congress wants to see the proof, the party should "ask the Pakistanis".

Speaking to ANI, Defence expert Bakshi said, "The Army does not give any proof. What proof should it give and why? If you want to know, ask the Pakistanis. If they are your friends, they will tell you, if not, they won't. Nobody can compel the Army to give proof. If the government wants to give proof, it can. But the government also knows that it would be against the policy of the Army. The Pakistanis levelled the place where the attack took place. It does not matter who says what. I think it is not even a question. The media should not react to this."

The expert said that Pakistan has come down to its knees after the strikes, adding that it is the duty of the Army "not to answer".

"It is about national security. The strike was conducted for the country. Neither the Army nor the government is bound to answer how and why the strikes were conducted. Pakistan has come to its knees after the strikes. Now their Prime Minister wants good relations with India. It is the duty of the Army not to answer even if the almighty asks," he said.