The advanced towed artillery guns system (ATAGS) a 155 mm/52 calibre gun system designed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), that is on priority and going through trails under the extreme General Staff Qualitative Requirements (GSQR). On the very first, ATAGS set to be the most advanced and the first gun in the world which has the capability to fire BMCS zone 7.

And on the high altitude trials in Sikkim, the ATAGS created a new record as it fired at 13,000+ feet height and successfully completed 500+ km in treacherous high-altitude terrain up to 15,400 feet; proved extreme mobility in the narrow mountain curves. While it did have some setback in the trails in the Pokhran under 50 degree+ temp, it sums up the determination and herculean effort towards indigenization that such calibre of next generation of military equipment requires.

The MGS 8×8 is a 155mm/52cal Mounted Artillery Gun System, the only artillery gun in the world with the capability of firing from Zone 1 to Zone 7. With a diverse operating temperature range and capability to fire in extreme diverse weather conditions of – 4 to 45 degrees.

The gun comes equipped with quick shoot and scoot capability with a high degree of accuracy and consistency. The 8×8 has a high chamber volume of 25 litres, with future provision of up gunning.

“I think, I hope this year. I'm expecting not only the ATAGS to be inducted but our Garuda gets inducted. I'm also hoping that Light weapon gets inducted. And we make things I mean the ATAGS gun is of course designed by the DRDO. So we work with DRDO on that but there are another five platform that we have designed on our own with our own technology, and our own intellectual property. And I don't think there is a company in India who has done this. Not a single one.” said Baba Kalyani CMD Bharat Forge in an interview with the media.

Key Modern Features of the MGS 8X8

· Auto loading and positioning system
· Automatic Ammunition Handling system
· Auto Laying
· Safety interlocks and redundancy systems
· All Electric drives ensuring least maintainability and failures
· Muzzle Velocity Radar