Ballistic Helmets for Sikh troops made by Indian private sector company MKU

Indian Army has released a Request For Proposal for the procurement of Qty 12,730 Ballistic Helmet for Sikh Troops under Emergency Procurement through Fast Track Procedure under Buy (Indian).

Ballistic Helmet For Sikh Soldiers Made By MKU

Till now, Sikh Soldiers were unable to use modern headgear & equipment in combat that could provide them an all-round head protection. Developed using smart design and techniques, Kavro SCH 111 T is a special ballistic helmet designed to be worn by Sikh soldiers in the line of duty. Its special shape allows it to be worn over the ‘cloth patka carried by Sikhs soldiers. The helmet provides uniform and all-round ballistic protection across the complex and compound curves in the helmet shell. It keeps the weight under control for extended usage for long hours in spite of additional surface area and added materials.

With a 40% reduced behind helmet blunt trauma, the special design of the helmet allows maximum situational awareness and compatibility with communication headsets and accessories. It has a bolt free design for uncompromised protection across the helmet shell and a Twisfit stability harness that provides excellent stability even when used with night vision and other accessories.