Karachi: In yet another major embarrassment for Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI, a Kashmiri terrorist who headed Al Badr terror outfit earlier has been shot dead by some unidentified persons here in his safe haven.

Syed Khalid Raza was shot point blank in his head at the doorstep of his residence located at Block 7, Gulistan-e-Johar, according to police.

An embarrassed police, which could not protect the ‘asset’ in the safe haven, tried to play down the murder by saying it was related to robbery and not a targeted killing.

However, local reports suggested that Rs 70,000 was found in Raza’s pocket, which the assailants did not bother to take. A watch that Raza was wearing was also not taken by the killers.

This makes it clear that it was a targeted killing.

A CCTV footage shows two men, wearing salwar kameez and Muslim cap, leaving the area on a motorcycle and they are suspected to be behind the sensational killing.

Raza was commander of Al Badr outfit, which was floated by the ISI in early 1990s, and was based in Pakistan.

The outfit, however, was wiped out in a few years by the Indian security forces.

Subsequently, ISI rehabilitated Raza and he was made a Director of a school.

Lately, he had become Vice Chairman of the Federation of Private Schools of Karachi.

This is yet another blow to ISI in this month.

Only last week on February 21, top Commander of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen Bashir Ahmad Peer alias Imtiyaz Alam, who was also based in Pakistan, was shot dead by unidentified persons in Rawalpindi, the base of Pakistan’s Army.

Prior to that, on February 14, another ISI-enrolled Kashmiri terrorist and former head of Islamic State Hind Province (ISHP) Ejaz Ahmad Ahangar was killed in Afghanistan, suspected by the Taliban.