An Indian NDRF aircraft that was carrying relief materials to the victims of earthquake in Turkey was forced to take detour as it was denied airspace by Pakistan reported NewsX.

Turkey suffered extensive damage after 5 earthquakes jolted the country and surrounding nations killing over 4900 people. India dispatched rescue and medical teams to Turkey.

The PMO said in a statement that two teams of the National Disaster Relief Force (NDRF) comprised of 100 personnel, specially trained dog squads, and necessary equipment are ready to be flown to the earthquake-hit area for search and rescue operations.

“Medical teams are also being readied with trained doctors and paramedics with essential medicines. Relief material will be dispatched in coordination with the Turkish government and the Indian Embassy in Ankara and Consulate General office in Istanbul,” the PMO said.

Previously, Turkey’s ambassador to India, Firat Sunel, referred to India as “Dost” due to the Indian government’s generosity in providing funds and relief materials to his country.