An INSAS rifle that went missing from the Bathinda Military Station and was suspected to have been used in the killing of four Army personnel early Wednesday morning inside the facility has been found, the Army said. The four soldiers from an artillery unit were killed in a shooting incident at the station around 4.35 am, the Army said in a statement without mentioning the circumstances and other details relating to the incident.

Army sources said a court of inquiry (CoI) will investigate the entire incident in addition to the ongoing probe by the police with support from the force.

The Punjab Police, citing available inputs, said the incident was not an act of terrorism. Initially, the police suggested that the killing of the soldiers was an incident of "fratricide". However, Army sources said there is no clarity yet on the incident.

"It has been ascertained that in the unfortunate incident, four army jawans of an artillery unit succumbed to gunshot injuries sustained during the incident.

"No other injuries to personnel or loss/damage to property have been reported," the Army's South Western command said in a statement.

It said the area of the incident remains sealed off and joint investigations with Punjab Police are being coordinated to establish the facts of the case.

The initial statement by the Army said all aspects including the possible case of involvement of the INSAS rifle along with 28 rounds reported that went missing two days back are being ascertained.

Hours later, the Army said the rifle has been found.

The Bathinda military station is one of the largest Army bases in the country and it comprises a significant number of operational units of the force.

The Army said no individual has yet been detained or apprehended for the killing.

"A search team has located the INSAS rifle along with the magazine. Army and police joint teams will now be undertaking forensic analysis of the weapon for ascertaining further details," the Army's South Western Command said.

The remaining number of rounds in the weapon will only be known after forensic analysis., it said adding the joint investigation with Punjab Police is in progress,.

The Army said all possible assistance is being provided. to police for the probe.

In its statement, the Army requested the media to avoid rumours and refrain from speculations considering the sensitivities involved.

The Army has already informed the families of the deceased soldiers about the incident.