New Delhi: On the eve of the Myanmar new year, Myanmar Ambassador to India Moe Kyaw Aung here today hailed the strong cultural ties between both the nations and wished the citizens peace and prosperity.

In an event at the Myanmar's embassy here, the envoy also took part in the performance of Myanmar's traditional dance troupes.

"Myanmar and India are very friendly countries and we share very- very strong cultural ties and we share a very long border and also maritime border. So, on the occasion of this auspicious day, I wish all the Indian people and citizens of the world peace and prosperity", said the envoy while speaking with ANI.

"This is a very auspicious occasion for Myanmar's traditional calendar. This is new year's eve. Myanmar's new year also shares with Cambodia, Laos and Sri Lanka, and also some parts of India celebrate this time because we use the same lunar calendar. On this day, I wish all the Indian people a happy new year", he added.

The Thingyan water festival which kicked off in all regions and states across Myanmar on Thursday will run until April 16 and the Myanmar New Year falls on April 17.

As part of the celebration of the festival, people throw and douse water onto one another to wash sins and make clear moral impurities from the old year.

Being a part of the festival, Thailand's ambassador to India too hailed the ties that India and Thailand share and was glad that she could take part in the festival.

"I am so glad that I am able to take part in the festival because Myanmar and Thailand are neighbours and we had these kinds of similar festivals in Thailand. In Thailand, we also have the Thai new year on the 13th of April similar to Myanmar. So, we also have the festival where we pour the water on each other. We also pay respect to our elders and our families. We go to the temples and celebrate", said the Thai envoy, Pattarat Hongtong while speaking to ANI.

"India and Thailand are very close friends. We share a lot of commonalities in terms of culture, heritage and also traditions. People-to-people ties are very close and these days we have Indian tourists visiting Thailand. Last year, it was number two after Malaysia and this year again we hope to see more Indian friends visiting Thailand and Thai people have started coming to India as well. We also have cooperation in other important areas. So far the relations have been very smooth and friendly" she added.

Traditional dance troupes in colourful dresses performed at the embassy here in New Delhi with several delegates in attendance.

Myanmar people celebrate the Thingyan water festival annually to welcome the new year as other Southeast Asian countries such as Songkran in Thailand and Chaul Chnam Thmey in Cambodia.

There are many things which make this Festival special.

Many flowers bloom in this time of the year and 'Padauk' is the most iconic among them and a typical symbolic flower of Thingyan. Symbolic 'Padauk' flowers can be seen in the decoration of the event.

Also, a unique dance of this festival, known as Thingyan Yane, is performed solely in this festival. The easy and effortless move of 'Thingyan Yane' attracted the participants to dance along with the performers simultaneously by following their steps. Embassy diplomats, and Myanmar scholars performed traditional 'Thingyan Yane'.

Like many other festivals around the world, Thingyan has its own particular festival foods.

The most popular Thingyan foods are Shwe Yin Aye and Mont Lone Yay Paw. Shwe Yin Aye is a type of cold coconut milk juice with extra ingredients. Mont Lone Yay Paw is a floating rice dough ball which is boiled instantly before serving.