New Delhi: Amid an ongoing military standoff with China, the Special Forces of the US and India are carrying out wargames with a focus on supporting fighter aircraft operations in forward areas.

The wargames are being carried out at Special Forces training centres near here, defence sources told ANI here.

The operations are likely to have focused on supporting the fighter aircraft operations including designating targets in frontline areas by laser so that the precision-guided bombs can reach their designated target accurately, the sources said.

The troops of both countries are likely to join up with the larger contingent of both sides including their fighter and transport aircraft at Kalaikunda codenamed Ex CopeIndia, the sources said.

The US Air Force is scheduled to bring in F-15 Strike Eagle fighter jets but there may be some change in the schedule of the drill which was planned to begin on April 10.

The war games are happening at a time when Indian forces have been engaged in a military standoff for the last three years.

The Indian Air Force is carrying out multiple wargames and working towards strengthening the Indian military image globally as it has recently held exercises in the UK and the UAE with global powers.

It is also going to go to France with its most potent Rafale fighter jets for multilateral exercise Orion while it will also be in Greece for another wargame with its fighter jets from a frontline command.

The IAF has been the country's strongest arm along with the ground troops in the conflict with China as on multiple occasions they have deployed in forward areas very close to the border.

The Indian Special Forces troops are also deployed in mountainous peaks along with the Eastern Ladakh sector for supporting fighter aircraft and combat helicopter ops.