Baluchistan: At least 76 schools in Baluchistan province have been kept closed or were occupied by the Pakistani Army and turned into military posts, according to the report submitted by the Social Welfare Department of Baluchistan National Movement (BNM).

In Balochistan, 13 schools were closed in Tehsil Mashkai, while 63 schools in Tehsil Awaran are also facing a similar situation of non-provision of facilities.

According to the Department of Social Welfare BNM, these actions reflect Pakistan's colonial system and approach to education in Balochistan, proving the suppression of consciousness.

Because of their action, the education of children is mostly affected, reported BNM.

"It is deeply concerning to see the extent of educational deprivation faced by Baloch children in Mashkai and Awaran districts. The closure of schools and military occupation of education facilities is a violation of the basic right to education and must be denounced by international organizations." the report said.

The report expressed deep concern about violating the basic rights to education and urges international organizations to pay attention to the poor education in Baluchistan.

The report stated, "Education is a fundamental human right, and its deprivation can have long-term consequences on the socio-economic development of a region. The international community must take immediate steps to address this crisis and ensure that Baloch children have access to quality education."

"The international community should urge Pakistan to respect the right to education of Baloch children and refrain from occupying schools. Baluchistan is a distinct territory with a unique cultural and linguistic identity, and the Pakistani state must not impose its history, language, and culture on the Baloch people," it added.

According to the report, Pakistan's colonial policies towards Baluchistan are responsible for the poor state of education in Baluchistan, "Within Baluchistan, there exists a relationship of occupier and subjugation between the Pakistani state and the Baloch people. The state violates human rights through military aggression while striving to deprive the populace of education. Many schools in the region either lack proper facilities or remain locked, greatly affecting educational opportunities for children."

Although the social welfare department of BNM has recently released a report on the educational situation in Tehsil Jhaoo, the current review centres around the state of education in Tehsil Mashkai and Tehsil Awaran, according to BNM.

Thirteen schools in the Tehsil Mashkai have remained closed since 2009, 2015, and 2016. Additionally, the Pakistan Army has occupied the Boys Primary School Gajjali.

Meanwhile, in Tehsil Awaran, four out of a total of sixty-three schools are closed, but the remaining schools need more facilities to provide quality education to students. Furthermore, there are reports of some teachers in Awaran neglecting their duties to pursue personal business interests. This absenteeism significantly affects the learning and teaching process in the area.