New Delhi: In a humanitarian action for a Chinese fishing vessel that sank in the Indian Ocean, Indian Navy deployed its Air MR assets including P81 aircraft in the region and offered assistance in the ongoing search.

Taking to Twitter, Indian Navy said, "In a swift humanitarian action on 17 May #IndianNavy deployed its Air MR assets in the Southern IOR approx 900 Nm from India, in response to sinking of a #Chinese Fishing Vessel Lu Peng Yuan Yu 028 with 39 crew onboard. The crew incl nationals from China, Indonesia & Philippines."

"P8I aircraft have carried out multiple & extensive searches despite adverse weather & located multiple objects possibly belonging to the sunken vessel. As an immediate response, SAR eqpt was deployed at the scene by the Indian aircraft on request of PLA(N) ships closing the area," the army added.

Earlier, on Tuesday, a Chinese deep-sea fishing vessel capsized in the central Indian Ocean, leaving 39 people on board missing, including 17 Chinese mariners, 17 Indonesian mariners and five Philippine mariners.

Further, Indian Navy tweeted, "In a display of India's obligations as a #credible & #responsible partner for ensuring #safety at sea, the #IndianNavy units also coordinated #SAR efforts with other units in the area & guided #PLA(N) warships transiting to the scene of incident."

"#IndianNavy continues to remain deployed to provide all possible assistance to the ongoing SAR efforts," it added.

Meanwhile, Thursday, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin over the update regarding ongoing search and rescue efforts for the missing vessel, said, "The Chinese distant-water fishing boat 'Lupeng Yuanyu 028' capsized while passing through the central part of the Indian Ocean on May 16. Thirty-nine crew members on board are missing and an emergency search and rescue operation is underway. The Chinese government has made saving the crew a high priority. President Xi Jinping made special instructions to deploy additional rescue forces, coordinate with international marine search and rescue assistance and make all-out rescue efforts."

"Premier Li Qiang made the instruction demanding fast coordination with relevant forces to make all-out rescue efforts. The operation has drawn close attention from across the region. Countries such as Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Maldives and the Philippines have extended emergency assistance and sent sympathies for the Chinese boat and crew. The operation has been commended from various quarters in China and abroad. The Chinese government sincerely appreciates the help from those countries. As we speak, the search and rescue operation is still underway," he added, according to the statement released by the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

In the latest development, two bodies were found in the search for 39 crew members missing after a Chinese fishing vessel capsized in the Indian Ocean, Beijing's state media Xinhua news agency reported.

The ongoing search operation following the capsizing of the Lu Peng Yuan Yu 028 "found and salvaged the remains of two victims", reported Xinhua.