New Delhi: United States Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti asserted that India and US have a long history of working together adding that the joint vision of PM Modi and US President Joe Biden will do wonders in the fields of quantum, Artificial Intelligence and technology.

Envoy Garcetti made these remarks while speaking at India-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) Artificial Intelligence And Quantum Technologies Grant Launch on Wednesday.

He further stressed that both nations have supported almost 60 joint ventures.

"India and US are stronger, especially when we join hands… We are working together to enhance technology... The joint vision of our leaders will do wonders in the fields of quantum, artificial intelligence and technology.. our countries have a long history of working together…We have supported almost 60 joint ventures..we are working together towards climate change, cyber security and more," Garcetti said.

"India and the United States are stronger together, and we can accomplish more almost exponentially when we join hands. Technology can connect and protect us, help us detect disease, can aid the government of India with tuberculosis using artificial intelligence," he added.

The US envoy also said that technology can help achieve Prime Minister Modi's stated goal and India's goal of eliminating tuberculosis by 2025.

"When I was with Prime Minister Modi and President Biden in the Oval Office three weeks ago, President Biden said to the Prime Minister, in the next five years, we will see more change than we have seen in the previous 75 years. Technology and the way that we need to defend ourselves and wars are fought, the way that we will communicate with each other, and the way that education will move forward based on the growth of artificial intelligence. And, of course, famously, Prime Minister Modi said that Al stands for America and India. And when we said, the future is Al. The two of them held a T-shirt together that said America and India together," he added.

"Our countries have a long history of working together with technology to empower people economically and to improve the social quality of their lives and it's based on trust, deep friendship. 80-90 per cent of the people of India and the US have a good feeling about each other. Indians all have a relative or have spent time studying in American institutions," Garcetti said on India-US relations.

"The Endowment Fund (India-US Science And Technology Forum) has already supported 60 joint projects, projects 30 of which have already grown into commercial ventures," he added.

"Whether it's semiconductors, artificial intelligence, innovation in space, in the defence sectors. It really is, as Prime Minister Modi said, a limitless partnership," he said while speaking on the limitless partnership between India and the United States.

Union Minister of State in PMO Dr Jitendra Singh was also present at the event. Eric Garcetti congratulated MoS MEA and his team for launching the National Quantum Mission.

"The first US-India Quantum Dialogue held in May helped to identify the incredible collaborative opportunities in quantum technology by bringing different stakeholders together. And our governments are working on establishing a joint US. India Quantum Coordination mechanism, with participation from so many in academia, industry and government to facilitate the research that is necessary," he added.

He also spoke of the four Ps, peace, prosperity, our planet and our people to achieve shared goals between India and the US. (ANI)