Beijing: Chinese President Xi Jinping for the past some time has been issuing warnings regarding the collapse of the Communist Party of China (CCP) amidst 415 million across the world renouncing their affiliation with CCP, regiments, teams, and other associated organisations since July 1 this year, Greek City Times reported.

People's reaction across the globe has taken the CCP authorities aback with Xi Jinping in the recent SCO Summit stating that he is opposed to any country's instigation of "colour revolutions" and "interference in internal matters" for any reason, according to the report.

At the SCO summit, Xi said that SCO member states said that they should be wary of the "external forces" creating a scenario for the new cold war and creating confrontational camps. He has been repeatedly issuing warnings regarding the collapse of the CCP, which if not dealt with, seems inevitable, Greek City Times reported.

In 2022, Xi Jinping delivered a speech to the young cadre training class and it was recently published as an article in CCP's journal "seeking truth", addressing his concern about the CCP collapse, according to a Greek City Times report. Xi Jinping in his speech emphasised the importance of upholding the beliefs of Marxism and Communism under the banner of Chinese characteristics, which otherwise would result in a similar sort of disintegration as in the case of the Soviet Union, according to the news report.

CCP has fear that it might suffer the same fate as the Soviet Union did due to a large-scale wave of people leaving the party which lead to the latter's dissolution. CCP's concern is coupled with China's deteriorating internal and external problems and its increasing rivalry with the international community and the challenges it faces on the economic and social front.

Considering the current situation, the policy matters taken up by the CCP authorities are becoming unpopular by the day and facing criticism in China and other nations. Millions of people are quitting the party, which has affected the CCP leadership and indicates the erosion of influence the CCP has among the Chinese people, Greek City Times reported.

Considering the power dynamics being under threat, the CCP has become more totalitarian with crackdowns on the Chinese oligarchs, people's freedom and liberty, restricting internet criticism and concentration of power at the hands of Xi. However, the dissent still manifests itself in some form or the other like in the case of millions of individuals quitting the party globally demonstrating their disapproval of the party's tactics of suppressing people's voices and liberty, Greek City Times reported.

The development has rattled CCP's leadership with Xi becoming vocal about the party's death due to the mass exiting. He has been calling on the people to stick with the party for the sake of ideological cause. The sentiment does not exist in the current CCP members as they are incentive driven and power only makes them stick with the party.