India has exported the advanced Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher PINAKA System to Armenia

Azerbaijan and Pakistan are two independent and sovereign states that have been struggling against the lasting invasion. Throughout history, both states have fought for the liberation of their lands from occupation. The event held at the Embassy of Pakistan in Baku is precisely because of the blockade of the historical territories of Pakistan occupied by India - Jammu and Kashmir.

It should be noted that at the event dedicated to the unilateral cancellation of the special autonomy status of Jammu and Kashmir by India, Ambassador Bilal Hayee emphasized the special support of Azerbaijan to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

"I would like to emphasize that Azerbaijan has always supported our country in this matter. President Ilham Aliyev, the government and the people of Azerbaijan always openly express their strong support for Pakistan. When the Prime Minister of Pakistan visited Azerbaijan in June, President Ilham Aliyev once again expressed the support of the Azerbaijani government to Pakistan," the Ambassador said.

Ambassador Bilal Hayee added that the issue of Jammu and Kashmir has been on the agenda of the UN for a long time.

"The unilateral abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A of the Constitution of India, which give special rights and privileges to the region, has caused negative consequences for the region."

In addition, the diplomat touched upon India's relations with Armenia, which could exacerbate the conflict in the South Caucasus, and shed some light on India's arming of Armenia as follows:

“We have seen some reports of India supplying weapons to Armenia. Although it’s a bilateral issue between two countries, however, if there is any analogy being made that India is providing weapons to Armenia because Pakistan is cooperating and supporting Azerbaijan as far as defence is concern, so I want to clarify that there is no analogy between Pakistan and Azerbaijan defence relations like what India is doing for Armenia. Because Pakistan and Azerbaijan stand for peace. Azerbaijan’s positions as far as Garabagh is concern, is a position to assert and secure its territorial integrity and sovereignty. Azerbaijan doesn’t have any intention to invade other country like Armenia and any other country,” the ambassador underlined.

The diplomat emphasized that Pakistan and Azerbaijan have no intention to attack any country’s territory and all what the countries have within cooperation is for only good purposes.

“Pakistan’s cooperation with Azerbaijan is for increasing defence capabilities, but not to attack or snatch any other country’s territories, whereas what India is doing for Armenia supplying weapons, actually this kind of strategy will prolong the conflict and complicate all things. Because we understand that Armenia still not abiding by the international law and the resolutions which call that Garabagh is Azerbaijan’s sovereign territory. So there is no correlation between two situations. We are concerned about India’s supply of weapon to Armenia which aims to aggravate the situation in the South Caucasus.

Further, the ambassador spoke about the role of Pakistan in trade relations against the backdrop of the negative impact of relations between India and Armenia. Ambassador Hayee noted that serious steps have been taken recently in the field of developing the trade relations between Azerbaijan and Pakistan.

"First of all, I should note that the establishment of relations in the field of economy and trade is the sovereign right of each country. I do not think that the current processes will cause any damage to the trade relations between Azerbaijan and India. However, regardless of this, Pakistan can always fully provide Azerbaijan in the field of exports, especially in the export of rice and other products. Besides trade, the issue of cooperation in all fields is on the agenda between Azerbaijan and Pakistan, and both sides are taking important steps in this regard. We hope that in the near future, along with trade, cooperation between the two countries will be developed in travel, tourism, agriculture and other fields,” he concluded.