Tel Aviv: In a message to the Indian diaspora residing in Israel, the Indian Ambassador to the war-torn country, Sanjeev Singla has said that the situation is being monitored "very closely" and that the embassy is working round the clock to keep the Indian nationals safe.

In a video message on the social media platform X, the Indian Ambassador to Israel said, "To our fellow Indian citizens in Israel. This is to assure you that the embassy is working constantly for your safety and welfare."

"All of us are going through very difficult times, but please do remain calm and vigilant and follow the local security guidelines," he added.

The Embassy of India, Tel Aviv, Israel has issued an important advisory to Indian citizens in Israel about the ongoing developments in Israel requesting Indian citizens to remain vigilant, observe safety protocols exercise caution, and stay close to safety shelters as advised by the local Government authorities.

"We are here to help you, and we thank many of you who have sent so many messages of appreciation to us. We are monitoring the situation closely, and please stay tuned for any updates...Jai Hind," the envoy said further in his video message.

As the war between Israel and Hamas grows intense, the Indian Embassy in Israel has set up a 24-hour helpline desk for the citizens stranded there and has asked them to follow the security advisories.

In a post on X, the Indian Embassy in Israel has stated that it has been working constantly to help fellow citizens.

"The Embassy has been working constantly to help our fellow citizens in Israel through a 24-hour helpline. Please remain calm & vigilant & follow the security advisories," India in Israel wrote on X.

The Indian Embassy in war-hit Israel has activated a 24/7 helpline number +972-35226748 and +972-543278392 or for Indian citizens who need assistance amid the ongoing conflict or wish to register with the Embassy.

Meanwhile, amid the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, the Indian diaspora in Israel has expressed confidence in the country's military and said they want to live peacefully.

A woman of Indian origin in Ashkelon, Israel, Ilana Nagaukar, told ANI: "Yesterday, a missile struck here, vehicles caught fire and there was a power cut in all these buildings. We feel that we are in danger but we believe in our Army. This is our home and we can't go anywhere. We want to live here peacefully."

Another woman of Indian origin, Rikki thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for supporting Israel's residents. She said, "We are thankful to PM Modi that he is supporting us. He's doing a lot of things for us, for Israel and for our community in India. And we think that the things that he is doing for us, it's very strong."

As the Israel-Hamas conflict entered Day 5, the Israeli Defence forces continued their offensive against Hamas. Today the Israeli Air Force attacked the Islamic University in Gaza City, which according to them served as a major training centre for Hamas engineers.

The Israeli Air Force in a statement said "Fighter jets recently attacked the Islamic University, which serves as an important center of political and military power for the terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip and a training institution for the development and production of weapons. The Air Force continues with extensive waves of attacks in the Gaza Strip at this time as well."

Israeli Air Force have been targeting Hamas operations in Gaza, hitting at least 150 targets overnight, including home of Hamas commander's father. IDF troops have also killed 18 infiltrating gunmen in past 24 hours.

Israeli Air Force aircraft also attacked an observation post of Hezbollah, in response to an anti-tank fire at an IDF force.

Meanwhile, in his latest post on X, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said " Hamas is worse than ISIS." The Israeli Prime Minister is expected to hold talks with British Foreign Minister James Cleverly who is likely to arrive in Israel today.