Tel Aviv: At least 370 people were killed and 2,200 left wounded in an air strike bombing by the Israeli air force on Gaza, said the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday.

In a post on X, it said, "The #Israeli aggression targets residential communities in various areas of #Gaza_Strip, and has so far led to the martyrdom of 370 #Palestinian citizens and the wounding of approximately 2,200 people, including children and women, large numbers of whom are defenseless civilians. Here, the Ministry wonders: Where are the international community's responses to this?"

In retaliation to the Hamas attack on Israel that claimed the lives of hundreds and left thousands injured, the Israel Air Force has launched a very powerful and lethal air strike in the Gaza Strip with dozens of fighter jets attacking the areas used by Hamas terrorists.

Taking to X, Israel Air Force (IAF) informed about the strikes saying, "Dozens of warplanes are now attacking the Gaza Strip. The Air Force began a short time ago a powerful air strike in the Gaza Strip using dozens of fighter jets. The IDF attacks targets in the areas near the fence in Beit Hanon, which are used by the terrorist organization Hamas to carry out attacks against the State of Israel. The IDF will continue to act against the terrorist organization Hamas."

In a previous post by IAF, it said that their jets struck the military headquarters belonging to the Hamas group and was used by the organization for recent operations.

The post read, "Military headquarters belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization used for directing terror were struck, as well as military headquarters belonging to the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization that were used during recent operations."The visuals that have been recorded by Reuters showed devastating scenes from Gaza as Israel's Air Force started dropping heavy shells on areas with Hamas militants.

In a major escalation on Saturday, Hamas launched a "surprise attack" on Israel, firing a barrage of rockets into the southern and central parts of the country.

The toll from the rocket attacks and ground assault by Hamas went past 300 on Sunday, with another 1,864 people reported to be injured.

Several Israelis were taken as hostages in Gaza, the Times of Israel reported citing officials.