Kathmandu: As many as 10 Nepali students were confirmed dead in the ongoing terrorist attack by Hamas terror group in Israel, a Nepal Embassy official told ANI late on Sunday evening.

Talking over phone, Arjun Ghimire, First Secretary at the Nepali Embassy in Israel in conversation with ANI said, "The Israeli Police has confirmed to us that dead bodies of 10 Nepalis has been confirmed. Some are still out of contact and some are in serious medical condition, so the number might go up. An announcement about it in detail is due from the Foreign Ministry."

Meanwhile, Nepal's Minister for Foreign Affairs NP Saud on Sunday hinted at possible casualties in Hamas attack on Israel.

In a post shared on X, he said, "The latest update on attack in Israel's southern region since 6:30 AM (Nepali Time), Oct. 7, 2023, and its repercussions on Nepalis in the affected area are as follows: At present, there are approximately 4,500 Nepali nationals serving as caregivers in Israel. Additionally, 265 Nepali students are participating in Israel's learning and earning program, sponsored by the Israeli government."

"Of these students, 119 hail from Agriculture and Forestry University, 97 from Tribhuvan University, and 49 from Far-Western University. Notably, 17 of the 49 students from Sudurpaschim University were studying in Kibbutz Alumim, located in southern Israel. According to the latest update from the Nepali Embassy, Kibbutz Alumim is in close proximity to the Gaza area, where a severe attack was carried out by the Hamas group. Out of the 17 Nepali students studying in that area, 2 have been confirmed safe, while 4 have sustained injuries and are currently receiving medical treatment at a local hospital. Unfortunately, the status of the remaining 11 individuals is uncertain as they are out of contact, raising concerns about potential casualties. Efforts are underway to gather accurate information and assess the situation comprehensively," he added.

He stated that Nepal government has reacted promptly to the attack in Israel. Saud said that Nepal PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' chaired a meeting during which a coordination mechanism was established. He said that the Nepal government is dedicated to providing essential support, coordination, and facilitation to Nepalis in Israel.

In his post on X, Saud stated, "The Government of Nepal has reacted promptly and with great concern to this tragic incident in Israel. This morning, the Honorable Prime Minister chaired a meeting during which a coordination mechanism was established, encompassing all relevant agencies and overseen by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The primary objective of this mechanism is to vigilantly monitor the incident, conduct a thorough evaluation of the situation, ascertain the well-being of Nepalis, make informed decisions regarding rescue efforts, and ensure effective coordination and support."

"Extensive coordination and facilitation initiatives are being undertaken in collaboration with the Israeli government to accurately determine the condition of Nepalis in Israel, guarantee their safety, and provide necessary rescue and support. The Government of Nepal is fully dedicated to furnishing essential support, coordination, and facilitation to Nepalis in Israel. Additional updates regarding this matter will be disseminated promptly as soon as they become available," he added.

Earlier on Saturday, Nepal PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' condemned the unprecedented attack by Hamas terrorists on Israel while extending his sympathies to the injured Nepalese citizens there.

In a statement shared on X, Dahal stated, "I unequivocally condemn the terrorist attack in Israel this morning. Nine of the Nepalis have been reportedly injured. At this critical hour, I extend my heartfelt sympathies to injured Nepalis and other innocent victims and their families."

Nepal's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday issued a press statement confirming that nine Nepal nationals have been injured with two in serious condition after Hamas attacked Israel.

"We have been informed that a farm, where 14 Nepalis were working, was also under attack. Nine of the Nepalis have been reportedly injured while two of them are in serious condition. Further updates will be made in due course," the Nepal Foreign Ministry stated in the release.

Further, the Nepal Foreign Ministry stated that it was in close contact with citizens living in Israel and was facilitating the medical assistance of the injured.

"The Embassy of Nepal in Israel is in close communication with the Nepalis living in the areas under attack. The Embassy is also in contact and coordination with the Israeli authorities for the safety, security and rescue of the Nepalis as well as medical treatment of the injured," the release stated further.

According to the records of the government, an estimated 4500 Nepal nationals are currently residing in Israel. The Nepal government also requested its citizens to remain cautious and follow the safety measures advised by the authorities.

The Nepal Foreign Ministry's statement comes after a barrage of rockets slammed into southern and central Israel after Hamas launched attack on Saturday morning.

According to latest updates, more than 600 people have been killed in Israel since Hamas launched its surprise attack on Saturday, CNN reported citing Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs Ron Dermer.

"We are well north of 600 people who have been killed. There will probably be more - hundreds, several hundred more," Dermer said. According to officials, more than 2,000 people have been wounded, CNN reported.

The Israel's Health Ministry said that 2156 people injured people were undergoing treatment in hospitals, including 20 in critical condition and 338 seriously wounded, The Times of Israel reported.