A Weapons and Ammunition display was organised today at the Infantry School, Mhow. Loiter Munition, Nagastra-1, developed by EEL, a 100 % subsidiary of Solar Industries India Ltd., Nagpur was live demonstrated during the show.

The munition Nagastra-1 has been ordered by the Indian Army. The munition can carry a 1 kg warhead up to a range of 15 km.

Nagastra-1 with abort, recovery and reuse features is already in production at the EEL against a contract from the Indian Army. An upgraded version of this Loiter Munition has been developed, which in the Fire & Forget mode can carry a 2.2 kg warhead up to a range of 30 km. The version under production can carry 1 kg warhead up to 15 km range.

During the display this newly developed Loiter Munition was launched from a pneumatic launcher and after following the predefined trajectory it went into a kamikaze mode to destroy the target. Nagastra-1 (Fire & Forget) hit the target with an accuracy of 2 m. This live demo was witnessed by the Chief of Army Staff along with other senior officers from the armed forces, according to the informed sources.

Nagastra-1 is India's first indigenous loitering munition. It was designed and developed by Economics Explosives Ltd (EEL) in association with Z-Motion, Bangalore. The Indian Army has ordered the munition.

Here Are Some Specs of Nagastra-1:

Range: 15 km in man-in-the-loop mode and 30 km in autonomous mode
Payload: 1.5 kg explosive warhead
Accuracy: Less than 2 meters
Loiter time: 60 minutes
Ease of assembly: Easily assembled and launched from the ground


It can neutralize any hostile threat with GPS-enabled precision strikes with an accuracy of 2m.
It has an endurance of 60 min with a man-in-loop range of 15 km and an autonomous mode range of 30 km.
In addition to day-night surveillance cameras, it is equipped with fragmenting warhead to defeat soft-skin targets.
In case a target is not detected or if the mission is aborted, the loiter munition can be called back and made a soft landing with a parachute recovery mechanism, enabling it to be reused multiple times.

A loitering munition is an aerial weapon with a built-in munition (warhead). It can loiter around the target area until a target is located and then attacks the target by crashing into it. Loitering munitions can loiter for longer durations than cruise missiles and display more flexible flight characteristics.