TATA Advanced Systems Ltd (TASL) has built a facility in Bangalore to produce high-resolution imagery satellites for the armed forces.

The facility will produce sub-metre resolution satellites and will include a ground station for satellite control and image processing. The ground station will be capable of directing their movement and processing imagery, necessary for the armed forces to oversee infrastructure or acquire military targets, according to an TOI report.

This development comes after the defence ministry challenged Indian industry to create satellites with metre and sub-metre resolution for military purposes.

The facility was built in partnership with Satellogic. It has the capacity to manufacture up to 24 low earth orbit (LEO) satellites annually.

The facility will produce sub-meter resolution satellites.

The facility will have a ground station that can control the movement of the satellites and process imagery. The imagery will be used by the armed forces to monitor infrastructure and acquire military targets. The satellites will help the armed forces keep a closer eye on border areas.

Military satellites can be used for tasks that directly impact the operational capability of the armed forces. Military satellites are artificial satellites that are placed in orbit to perform military tasks on Earth. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including: 

These Tasks Include:

Early warning related to movements and redeployment by enemy forces

Gathering and communicating intelligence information obtained on enemy forces

Communication, Navigation, Intelligence gathering, Early warning, Weather forecasting, Timing data, Reconnaissance, Surveillance

Some of them are also developed for early warning of approaching missiles and other hostile projectiles

Some military satellites can also spy on areas beneath their orbits during night time and under thick cloud cover