New Delhi: The Ministry of External Affairs confirmed on Wednesday that the Afghan Embassy in New Delhi is functioning. The embassy had previously announced that it would stop its activities on October 1, 2023.

Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi also emphasised that the consulates in Mumbai and Hyderabad are also operational.

"The Afghan Embassy in New Delhi and the consulates in Mumbai and Hyderabad are functional," Bagchi said during the weekly press briefing.

However, the MEA spokesperson further stressed that India's position on the condition of entities has not changed.

"You can see from the flag who they represent and our position on the condition of entities has not changed. The Afghan diplomats will continue to provide services to the Afghan nationals here," he added.

Last month, Afghanistan announced its intention to open its embassy in India. Taliban-appointed Deputy Political Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, stressed, "Afghanistan is dedicated to strengthening its ties with India."

"In this regard, Afghanistan is pleased to announce its intention to open an Afghan embassy in India," the Afghan Embassy in India posted on X.

The Embassy will be managed by distinguished Afghan diplomats who will work towards fostering friendly relations between Afghanistan and India and creating facilities to serve the Afghan community in India.

Afghan Embassy in India also highlighted that Kabul emphasises its principled stance and expresses gratitude to the Indian people.

Earlier on November 25, the Afghan Embassy said that there is no diplomat representing Afghanistan in India as of November 23.

"Neighbourhood first policy: We, the former Afghan diplomats, want to set the record straight: As of November 23, there is no Afghan diplomat representing the former Republic in India. Those with ties to the Taliban are aligning themselves with the Taliban and also Delhi's interests," the Afghan Embassy in India had posted on 'X'.

However, the Ministry of External Affairs did not comment on the closure of the Afghanistan Embassy in India.

Moreover, India has not recognised the Taliban government, which seized power in Afghanistan in August 2021 and evacuated its own staff from Kabul two years ago; notably, India no longer has a diplomatic presence there.