Sann: On the death anniversary of Sindhi nationalist leader GM Syed, massive pro-freedom rallies were held in Sann City of Pakistan's Sindh province.

Organised under the banner of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM), the rallies saw Chairman Shafi Burfat deliver a virtual speech on pressing issues of global peace and security.

Burfat emphasised the importance of honouring the freedom of historical nations, asserting its vital role in maintaining global peace.

He condemned religious and ethnic extremism as threats to democratic values and secularism.

In his address, Burfat warned of the growing risk of world conflict amidst major powers' competition for control over resources. He labelled Pakistan as a recognised terrorist state, holding accountable nations and providing it with political, economic, and military support for regional extremism.

"Pakistan is a recognised and proven terrorist state," emphasised Burfat. "The international powers and countries supporting Pakistan are also complicit in the extremist terrorism it perpetrates in the region."

Burfat criticised Pakistan's governance, describing it as a failed and unnatural state that has subjugated Sindh through religious manipulation.

He highlighted Sindh's suffering under Pakistan's state terrorism, political oppression, fascism, and economic exploitation since 1947.

Advocating for Sindhi freedom, Burfat appealed for international support, citing the risks to human rights and the existential threat faced by historical nations within Pakistan.

He urged for Pakistan's dissolution to liberate captive nations and prevent extremists from accessing its weapons.

The statement underscored Pakistan's destabilising influence and called for its abolition to ensure the liberation of historical nations and safeguard global security.

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