Chief of Defence Staff, General Anil Chauhan has stressed the need to strengthen India’s cyber defence capabilities. General Chauhan today attended a program on Exercise Cyber Suraksha – 2024 in New Delhi. During the program, he emphasized integration among all stakeholders in the cyber domain and praised the initiative for fostering a collaborative environment to tackle emerging cyber threats.

Defence Ministry said, the comprehensive cyber defence exercise is being conducted by Defence Cyber Agency from 20th to 24th May. It aims to further develop the Cyber Defence Capability of all Cybersecurity organizations and promote synergy amongst all stakeholders.

This exercise also focuses on enhancing collaboration and integration among participants from various military and prominent national organizations.

Exercise Cyber Suraksha – 2024 aims to empower participants by enhancing their cyber defence skills, techniques and capabilities; share best practices, and work towards a unified and robust cyber defence posture.

It will promote jointmanship and synergy in planning and preparation of a cyber defence framework.

The event reaffirms the commitment of the Indian Armed Forces to safeguarding national security in the increasingly important cyber domain.

(With Agency Inputs)