Taipei: Taiwan has slammed China for its long-standing 'One China' principle and emphasised that Beijing has never controlled Taipei for even a single day, Taiwan News reported.

At the Organization of American States General Assembly, Taipei responded to Chinese delegation's claims, that the majority of the global community accepts the "one China" principle. Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) reiterated that Taiwan is a "sovereign and independent country" and is "not subordinate to China."

"It is a well-known fact and an internationally recognized reality that China has never governed Taiwan for a single day," it stated.

Further, the ministry added, that Taiwan is a modern democratic country that defends its democratic system and respects human rights and the rule of law, Taiwan News reported.

Taiwan's Foreign Ministry further slammed China saying that Beijing's unilateral dissemination of false statements "undermines stability" in the Taiwan Strait and "endangers international peace, stability, and order."

Taipei also urged the international community not to believe China's "malicious rhetoric."

Taiwan will stand against China's verbal and military intimidation and strengthen collaboration with other democracies to curb authoritarian expansion and maintain peace in the Taiwan Strait, it stressed, as reorted by Taiwan News.

Notably, China (People's Republic of China) considers the self-ruled territory of Taiwan as part of its territory and claims there is only "one China".

China has increased military activities around Taiwan in recent years, including near-daily incursions into the country's air defence identification zone (ADIZ) and sending military ships near its maritime borders, according to CNN.

Especially after former US Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taipei in 2022, China has ramped up its flow of military jets over the self-ruled territory. Over time, Beijing has repeatedly said that Taiwan "would be reunified" with China.

(With Inputs From Agencies)