Islamabad: The home of Minaj Mukthar a singer from Balochistan was raided and his family was tortured by Pakistani law enforcement agencies recently in the Kech district of Balochistan.

Mukhtar was known to use his musical talents to foster political awareness and advocate art and culture among the Baloch community.

He was the director of Zrumbesh Zemir and a board member of Zrumbesh Broadcasting, one of Balochistan's largest news outlets, PAANK the human rights wing of Baloch National Movement reported on Saturday.

According to the statement by PAANK, "The raid, which took place in Tump, Kech, resulted in the torture of Mukhtar's father and other family members. This egregious act appears to be an attempt to intimidate Mukhtar and silence his activism. Such actions by the Pakistan Army exemplify the disturbing practice of targeting the families of nationalist political activists and cadres, a form of collective punishment that constitutes state terrorism."

While condemning the act of intimidation PAANK stated that, the human rights violations and the severe consequences they have for the affected individuals and communities.

The use of torture and intimidation against family members of political activists is a clear breach of international human rights law, which Pakistan is obligated to uphold.

The PAANK lamented upon the Pakistani administration by saying that Pakistan's administration must immediately cease all forms of punishment, intimidation, and state-sponsored terrorism against the Baloch community. The statement by PAANK also urged the international community to take immediate and decisive action to protect human rights in Balochistan.

Additionally while showing solidarity with the Baloch singer the PAANK also showed support for all the people who have been stripped away of their rights in Balochistan.

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