Balochistan: A mutilated body of a Baloch individual was found dumped on a roadside along with a severely injured individual, reportedly abducted by the security agencies merely two days ago from the Naghad area of Surab District in Balochistan, Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC) reported on Saturday.

The Baloch Yakjehti Committee in a post on 'X' stated "Another day another mutilated body of a Baloch was found dumped near the roadside. Abdul Qadir son of Khair Muhammad Mirwani and Abdul Nabi son of Abdul Ghafoor were forcibly abducted 2 days ago from the Naghad area of Surab District."

According to the same statement of the BYC the families of these victims had blocked the RCD Road in protest until the Administration and Police assured them of finding their sons. But, the dead body of Abdul Qadir was found with signs of torture on it and Abdul Nabi was found badly injured. Yesterday, it was Naveed Baloch and today Abdul Qadir, mutilated bodies of forcibly Disappeared Baloch youth are surfacing every day".

In another incident, the BYC also reported that a Baloch woman was severely injured in an open fire incident initiated by the Frontier Corps Kharan area of Balochistan.

According to the BYC, "Baloch woman Fazila Mastianzai was injured when Frontier Corps opened indiscriminate fire towards the civilian population in Kharan. Such tragic incidents are normal occurrences in Balochistan. State atrocities against Baloch masses are clearly identifying the systematic destruction of the Baloch Nation."

Currently, the sit-in at Fida Chowk in Balochistan's Turbat has emerged as a central point of protest, highlighting the grievances of those seeking justice and accountability for individuals who have forcibly disappeared in the region.

In a post on X Baloch Yakjehti Committee, an organization that addresses issues affecting the Baloch community stated, "Baloch people have been peacefully protesting for their fundamental rights for decades. They have utilized every possible means, including long marches, protest rallies, and sit-in camps. However, their peaceful struggle has resulted in disappointment and helplessness. Nako Mayar Baloch, along with other family members of the forcibly disappeared, has been protesting for one week. They have been in a sit-in camp at Fida Chowk for five days, and now are protesting in front of the DC office."

As days pass at Fida Chowk, the protesters' resolve remains steadfast. They advocate not only for their own families but also for countless others searching for answers. In the post, BYC further stated, "BYC supports the social media campaign announced by these families and urges the Baloch nation to participate in this campaign by tweeting and posting about the stories of the Baloch genocide. It is our duty to support and protect these elderly people in their struggle for their loved ones."

Pakistan's Balochistan largest but least populated province, has been marred by a prolonged conflict involving allegations of enforced disappearances, where individuals are allegedly abducted by state authorities or unknown groups and held without legal recourse or public acknowledgement.

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