The Indian Army's PARA Special Forces (SF) have recently been equipped with Laser Target Designators (LTDs) to enhance their operational capabilities. These portable devices are considered a game-changer in dense conflict zones, as they enable precision strikes on enemy positions with minimal risk to ground troops and reduced collateral damage. The LTDs also enhance the PARA SF's ability to call in air support when facing overwhelming enemy numbers. By marking targets for aircraft, the ground units can ensure that air strikes are accurately directed, providing critical support without extensive collateral damage.

The use of laser target designators is not unique to the Indian Army. Many modern armed forces, including the United States and the United Kingdom, employ handheld laser designation systems for various purposes, such as marking targets for close air support and artillery. These systems have proven to be effective in improving the precision and efficiency of military operations.

As conflicts become increasingly complex and urbanized, the precision and efficiency offered by LTDs are likely to become indispensable, ensuring that the Indian Army's elite PARA Special Forces remain at the forefront of modern military operations.

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