An Iver AUV from L3HArris, which might be a candidate for the Indian Navy's latest RFI for an underwater launched autonomous underwater vehicle

The Indian Navy has issued a request for information (RFI) for an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) that can be launched from undersea platforms, reported Janes.

Dubbed as the underwater-launched autonomous underwater vehicle (ULAUV) project, the RFI seeks information on systems that can undertake intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) and mine-countermeasures (MCM) deception operations.

Besides detecting surface and subsurface targets, the ULAUV should be able to relay target information to another underwater platform using an acoustic communication link, according to details in the RFI that was released by the Indian Navy on 1 July.

“It should be capable of recording acoustic and visual data of targets for analysis. It should have homing features to home on to the distress frequency of disabled underwater platform,” the RFI added, which suggests that the ULAUV would also be used to detect distressed submarines.

With regard to performance parameters, the ULAUV should have a maximum speed of at least 5 kt in nil currents condition and an endurance of more than 24 h when operated at cruising speeds.

It should be propelled by an electric motor system with low acoustic noise and guided by inertial navigation system and differential GPS with anti-jamming features.

In addition, systems submitted in response to the RFI should adhere to Indian Telecommunication Engineering Centre's (TEC's) standards for ruggedisation, specifically for underwater environments.

The RFI will run till 16 July and the Indian Navy has indicated that all correspondence made in response to the exercise should be directed to India's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

(With Reporting By Janes)